She…a plea to love our girls – Shwetal Talele

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. Read about how shwetal has beautifully wrapped this thought in a poem.


Climate Change – Aditya Pandit

Vortical Thoughts and Vortex believes that Global Warming as well as Climate Change are two huge aftermaths of human neglect towards Nature - it is our responsibilty to act NOW and make this World a Better place to Live in!!

Picture-ception – Nisarg Mankad

Infinite Life- Inception (Picture-ception. Or better, I call it Nisu-ception. :P) Looping- a phenomenon which redefines infinity. There are people who represent an unsatisfactory soul, who don’t see a bright path ahead, who think their life is already miserable. There are people, larger than life, who can imagine things far beyond the universe because of... Continue Reading →

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