In Search of the Perfect Click – Yashwant Surya

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words - Excellent clicks by Yashwant which tell a story of their own! Vortical Thoughts is proud to promote Art in any form - write-ups, photography, etc.

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IN A SPACE OF MY OWN – Ninad Mhatre

Vortical Thoughts feels that we should not hush The Curious Kid inside us - if he/she wants to come out then why stop it? Our author, Ninad, speaks on the same topic, Is Killing Our Dreams The Right Way?

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Climate Change – Aditya Pandit

Vortical Thoughts and Vortex believes that Global Warming as well as Climate Change are two huge aftermaths of human neglect towards Nature - it is our responsibilty to act NOW and make this World a Better place to Live in!!

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Picture-ception – Nisarg Mankad

Infinite Life- Inception (Picture-ception. Or better, I call it Nisu-ception. :P) Looping- a phenomenon which redefines infinity. There are people who represent an unsatisfactory soul, who don’t see a bright path ahead, who think their life is already miserable. There are people, larger than life, who can imagine things far beyond the universe because of... Continue Reading →

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Life unplugged – Samiksha Jog

Vortical Thoughts believes that its on us ho we use our Technology, we use it for our needs or make it one of our needs! This article tells about the current scenario of technology usage...

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