Taboo- Juwayriah Dalvi

Living in our society is like playing this party game 24 into 7! Taboo!!

It’s like, you’re living in a constant fear that you might just say or do something and someone would scream, “TABOO” right away!

We are all scared, aren’t we?

We’re all scared to have a political opinion. We are scared to cross the boundaries unacceptable in the society. We are scared to step in the 2 kilometre radius of our homes with a friend of opposite gender, lest some neighbour makes it a scandal. We are scared to choose Arts after tenth. We are scared to choose anything but Medicine or Engineering as a career. We are scared to fall in love out of caste. We are scared of anything and everything that can be listed.

And it is so very easy to blame the society, isn’t it? After all I did that just now…

But my dear, who forms the society?

You and I!

We all are a part of this system and hence responsible for it.

If we sit here and rant about how judgemental our society is, how does it make us any different from the very society we are talking about? Aren’t we sitting and doing the same thing? Judging them for what they are!

Change is a definite, but a slow process.

Go back to the era when our grandparents were kids. How was the situation then? Patriarchy was at its peak, education of men and/or women did not hold much importance, technological growth was not exponential and hence people were in serious oblivion.

However, the world we live in today is a result of drastic reforms! These reforms were ignited by influential personalities, but carried forward by like-minded people. We need to do the same, and trust me, we ARE doing it.

In fact, with the advent of social media, each one has the power to become that individual personality that can ignite a reform. We have the power to reach out to millions of people, touch lives at every nook and corner of this world and most importantly, bring a change!

But change will come only if the people we reach out to are willing to materialise the ideology they have come to believe. Convincing someone is one thing; but leading them to actually do it is another.

After all, we are all scared of new beginnings. We are all scared of that leap of faith we badly need in life, because that leap makes us feel alive!

And so, we need to learn that being scared is not an option!

Stand up for your beliefs. Assert your thoughts and do not budge just because the society feels that they are wrong. Everyone has a set of rights and wrongs. Everyone has an individual mind and individual ideas. You and I may not agree on everything; but that does not give us the right to disrespect each other.

We don’t really need to accept every idea prevailing in the society. We only need to accept that everyone thinks differently and it is okay if they choose something we don’t. It is the law of individuality, and the reason why this world is protected from monotony. When we all will understand this simple logic, there will be no ‘taboos’ in life!

– Juwayriah Dalvi

Picture Courtesy- Google Images

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