The Beautiful Game- Harmit Desai

“They ask us why we play, we ask them why they breathe.”

Love is a touch of solitude that can wipe tears from the weariest of eyes. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once said – “Sports can reach parts politicians can’t reach. It can help in bringing divided conflicts together in a way nothing else can. 

Football has just achieved what could not be achieved by any noble political propaganda. It has become the silver lining for hundreds and thousands of refugees and asylum seekers all over the world. The beautiful game has become the key factor to bring back hope to these people which was lost overseas, spread love, build strength and courage and unite them. The loud cry of this uncontrollable human flood couldn’t be suppressed but yet there is hope that the smiles that the game of love has brought beyond borders and races wouldn’t fade away. When politics and bullet shells failed to bring peace, football provided the greatest asylum to numerous homeless people across Europe. During the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II, the beautiful game provided solace.

Football transcends everything. It breaks down the barriers of caste, color, creed and and language. When countrymen become family, teammates become brothers and after the 90 mins, when opponents become comrades ; you know 

Football game is in progress. Soccer gives hope to millions and brings people together like nothing else in sports. Like nothing else in the world. 

Poverty is never present between the lines of a soccer pitch. Similarly, war, famine and political strife are left outside the arena. It is a place of peace, tranquility and seamless artistry. There are few spots on the planet fitting that description these days.

Soccer, a simple game that anyone can play, has the ability to provide hope to citizens all over the world. Masses of people have cried, rejoiced and experienced emotions like nothing ever. 

If that isn’t beautiful I don’t know what is.

– Harmit Desai.

Pic Courtesy- Google Images.


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