She…a plea to love our girls – Shwetal Talele

Lovingly, she gazed
At her daughter,
The parents happiness
Knew no bounds,
As they adored their child.

One neighbour had whispered to another,
‘They are damned. They should try another time.’
And once a friend came up to him,
‘Your wife is cursed. She birthed a girl.’
They said, ‘one day, she will leave you, what’d you do?’

And so, after 30 years,
She was successfully running a company,
Taking care of her parents,
And her neighbours’
Bcuz their son had left them
In search of ‘success’

Fate took a turn in the 30 years,
No one realised when the girl,
They had dammed,
Became an important part,
Of the society.
The society would take time,
To change,
To accept,
To catch up,
With the changing times.
Just, don’t be late,

Don’t let the girl child down.

– Shwetal Talele
Pic Credits – Google Images

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