An Ode to my Guiding Light – Sairam Jaishankar

Stumbling upon forsaken stumps, I forayed deeper into the woods,

Knew not where I was headed; dusk settled on the canopy like a hood.

With strained eyes I peered, at a daunting abyss prowling the subliminal,

A delusional reprieve seemed a welcome truce from where I stood.


Hush, hark! A koel serenades an enthralled bog. Encore!

Applause from a rapt audience into an ensuing quietude tore.

Witnessed from mine eyes of fancy, upon that thirsty gorge,

An ensemble of myriad flair, heartened by the surging furore.


Snap! A jolt to senses! Numb on the green carpet I lay,

Deceived by zestful whim; Dang! Trance had been at play.

Snubbed, I looked skyward, or so I presumed. Alas!

When would Nature, patron of the subdued, proclaim day?


Hurrah! A radiance, heaven-sent, that with its far outreach,

Illuminated a Garden o’ Eden, at every nook, cleft and breach.

Nomad rejoiced! “If this ain’t Heaven!” – An exalt in delight;

Unfazed, in all brilliance, thou had once again come to preach!

– Sairam Jaishankar

Pic courtesy- Sairam Jaishankar.


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