In Search of the Perfect Click – Yashwant Surya

yesh 5
“Caged classroom and open playground”. On a lazy afternoon, Vikas and his friends were looking forward for some fun activity, something out of the routine, but were ‘caged inside the classroom’,yet there was ‘hope’.
yesh 4
“Unexpected visitors”. Two strange people visiting their school for clicking some pictures of them without any prior notice results in a picture with mixed emotions, but mostly ‘excited’.
yesh 3
“Adorably stubborn”. Though Neelam had reached her threshold of drinking water, she was lost in the naivety of helping me out to get the picture i had in mind.
yesh 2
“The perfect click”. After clicking about 100 pictures and a lot of water drinking exercise, I managed to get the picture that I had planned before visiting the school in addition to a lifelong memories
yesh !
Smiles all around !! We distributed chocolates as a sign of gratitude for cooperating with us without any complaints. On looking at their joyous faces on receiving a 5 Rs chocolate, it dawned on me that one does not need to be wealthy or be a part of an NGO/institution in order to spread smiles.

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