Climate Change – Aditya Pandit

Golden rays of the sun pierce the thick armor of the night sky. Spears of light rip the darkness apart. It should be a moment of joy, for the coarse shroud of darkness has been replaced by the luminous cloak of light. But it isn’t so.

Yes, the nature has been lit up. Yes, the skies are bright. Yet for those hordes of humans, who come out of dwellings, only to face those terrible arrows of pricking heat that the daylight brings along with it.

As they walk around, on the parched ground, somewhere, their hearts misses the tender touch of grass. Their eyes fall upon the barren trees, only to the miss the serene green blanket that once tenderly tickled their feet.

You may think this was this description of drought prone area in Sahara desert? Or a barren land somewhere in the Middle East? Or some city in the Atacama Desert in Chile? Or from a crowded town somewhere in Thar desert of Rajasthan? No, it is the description of our city of Mumbai, in the next few years! And the reason our city could turn into a living hell is only, the demonic pandemic of “Global Warming”

Although the name suggests “warming”, it won’t necessarily be the scorching heat, which will wreck an havoc. It might be snow storm somewhere. A hurricane or typhoon somewhere else. It could be torrential rains or hailstorm too. Now, what on earth will cause climatic disasters to occur everyday, you might think? To look for the answer, you needn’t go far of. Just run towards the mirror. Yes, it is US, we the human race are responsible for all these impending nightmares.

The imminent dangers are horrific. The situation is turning catastrophic. The possibilities for an apocalypse are increasing. The clocks are ticking and they certainly aren’t ticking in our favor. This dire situation needs immediate fixing. From a disaster has turned into a full scale a war. A war which threatens to wipe out our very existence. A war which we cannot afford to lose. A war, which we unknowingly have waged against ourselves.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the darkness yet, for the silver lining of hope still persist. In fact, it grows with each passing day. The light of awareness and action is slowly but steadily gliding in and enlightening our society. The tides of the war seem to be turning.

It is a fundamental duty of each and every human being to contribute as much as he/she can, in this ongoing war. But the maximum responsibility is thrust on shoulders of Chemical Engineers and Technologist. Yes, it was on our shoulders that this gigantic burden has been put. Yet, I think it is a golden opportunity in disguise. An opportunity which will revolutionize the industry. And we of all people, will be major beneficiaries from this.

A quick fact check on Google will show you, that as future chemical technologist and entrepreneurs, we, more than anybody have the power to change things. With the academic powers achieved through our esteemed institute and the sheer determination in our hearts we can bring about monumental change. Not only will we be to bring into our country, but also we can make an impact on the whole world.

The term “save the earth” is quite often used in this campaign. I feel it is quite a bit misleading. In this journey of ours to rid the planet from pollution, it is not the earth that needs saving, it is WE, we the HUMANS who need to be saved.

Yes, this is a war, which puts OUR very existence into question, not the existence of the planet.

So let us today, take moment to cherish this wonderful opportunity, which has come to us in the form of impending catastrophe. Let us take pride in contributing a lion’s share of effort to save humanity. Let us be proud to leave behind a legacy that will be celebrated for generations to come.

Let us be proud to be environmentalist

Let us be proud to be chemical Engineers and Technologist.

Let us be proud to be ICTIANS.

And let us be proud to be future leaders who will lead the planet out of this turbulence, into an age of tranquility and prosperity.

– Aditya Pandit

Pic Credits – Google Images


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