Picture-ception – Nisarg Mankad

Infinite Life- Inception (Picture-ception. Or better, I call it Nisu-ception. :P)
Looping- a phenomenon which redefines infinity. There are people who represent an unsatisfactory soul, who don’t see a bright path ahead, who think their life is already miserable. There are people, larger than life, who can imagine things far beyond the universe because of constant craving and positive wishing and wanting for more. First soul always wants to live better, and the second soul always wants to relive more.
There comes the phenomenon of creating an own’s world. where nature cannot suffice people with their wishes, people go by themselves, proving reality wrong by making their own world, a better world. It’s done through dreams, and dreams within a dream, like Inception.
We are taught about looping structures, iterations, the for and the do-while. Inception tells us that if the dream world is strong enough, one can end up in a limbo. So, you create a world of your own, create as many iterations as you want, live wherever and how much ever you want to live and wake up next morning. This phenomenon can be easily related to Mathematical Logic and Iterations (looping).
But now comes the genius part. You can live for infinite years, infinitely times, and still wake up after an hour. For the deserted souls who can’t even pass their days can live a great life for infinitely many times in just an hour. What if people actually did that? What if people actually lived and relived their life as many times as they wanted and the way they wanted and with the characters they wanted? A fairy tale, in the virtual reality.
I always say, Infinite is such a beautiful phenomenon because it can be as small and as big as you want it to be. Infinite is a very relative phenomenon. People think it is something very big and immeasurable, something which a human brain or a machine cannot calculate. But it is actually that you can define an infinity; it is in your hands to decide how big or small you want infinity to be. Like for instance we say, that size of this Universe is infinity, but the fun part is that when we are defining the minimum distance for a charged particle to experience electric field and it just seizes to experience it we call it at infinite distance; for the particle the distance was infinite, but we know it was in pico meters. Similarly in Inception, or dreams within a dream, we first live for, say, minutes, then hours, then decades, and then infinitely, in successive layers/iterations. But when you wake up, you realise you had slept for an hour or so. You feel as if you have lived three or four times in different time period iterations, some as big as infinity, but in reality you’ve lived for an hour. This proves that infinity is a very relative term, redefining and declaring itself every now and then by its own wish. It also just proved that therefore Infinity is undefined.
We are taught about two types of loops:- Entry Controlled and Exit Controlled, where in first one the iteration is defined once and then the condition is checked, and the latter being just opposite. Both iterations can be finite and infinite because it is in your hands to set the condition. This Life is an Entry Controlled Loop. You take birth in this world and then you set conditions to create your own world, however you want it to be. Every problem thus has a solution. People create their own worlds with great imaginations and feel satisfied and happy. Someone like me craves for a “Rewind Button”; someone wants to walk if they don’t have legs; some think of going around the world with no money in pocket; some just want a break from the ugly reality.
Fantasising is believed to be a very childish phenomenon in our society. But it is a very basic and natural exercise our brain performs constantly. Our brain has that’s why been divided into Conscious and Subconscious; the subconscious stores almost all data that tries to flash through our brains, and when we feel to enjoy the best aspects of this Universe our brain tries to access them there through dreams. Our whole body, the whole existence of Universe and Non-existence of the rest, the phenomenon of dreaming, the Science behind everything has a reason behind it. We think that these machines and technologies are ruling us, but in fact since years this brain that Nature and God has made is proving to rule everything since Inception of all these things.
So, what’s the most resilient parasite? An idea. An idea of Creating an own’s world by defining your own infinity, has stuck in my mind recently, after watching Inception.
#NMSundayWritings #DreamWorld #CreateYourOwnWorld. #Inception
– Nisarg Mankad
Pic Credits – Google Images

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  1. Awesome brother! Our thoughts make our world and you just made that clear. I just wonder what you could be writing in your dreams!


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