Bahadur , a 12 year old  from the rural interiors of Northern India, breaks the dawn by hunting for firewood that his master uses as fuel for cooking and heating.
No sooner he does that than his next chore is ready – to harvest rice from the mushy paddies followed by winnowing , threshing and storing of the same. His next job is to collect the fresh dung from the cattle shed and wash and feed the livestock. He is then forced to ignite the stove which involves a lot of inhaling of carbon gas and remainder ash. Afternoon goes in fanning the landlady to sleep and the evenings are even worse spent in providing service at the crematorium.
Just imagine what the lad might be going through seeing corpses being burnt in front of eyes every single day. The pain of obeying stern orders and bearing severe maltreatment has made his perspective and approach towards life extremely restricted and regressive. And this definitely didn’t go down the right path. The anguish that he may never emancipate had built in him so much that he felt it easier to embrace death than to undergo the uninterrupted suffering.
Bahadur was a bonded labourer at a Zamindars’ , paying his father’s due debts. And he isn’t the only one out there who faces so much of injustice and anarchy at such a tender age because of the selfish and greedy ‘assaulters’ who find it economically viable at the cost of innocent lives!
Children and preteens are at such a sensitive and an impeccant phase that one should nurture progressive and empowering ideologies in them rather than sabotaging their entire childhood and adolescence leading only to hazardous despair!
We as individuals must come together and help the world government to abolish this sinful practice by doing our bit at the minimal like educating individuals to refrain from indulging in such malpractices and spreading awareness for the same, reporting to genuine NGOs and the Women And Child Welfare Ministry if we come across any such barbaric anecdotes , prohibiting the vicinity from recruiting children below the legal age for commercial or domestic labour.
In the light of awekening of the Week Against Child Labour , I would like to appeal to every citizen for advocating and endorsing the endeavours which lead to an abuse-free , developmental and liberal environment for the future generations to come !
– Kahin Na Kahin
 Pic Courtesy – Google Images

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  1. That’s really nice friend. I always knew you had it in you. Keep it up. Create awareness. Somewhere somehow their blessings will help! Alles Gute!


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