DO WE DEFACE HER? – Aniket Sole

   What we are doing to the environment and wildlife is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. Often we claim, The Earth, as our mother and we use her for our purpose .Sometimes fencing animals, birds away from her .The heavy handed actions of the humans are finally showing some major results and giving us a wakeup call. The society that makes us who we are is nothing without the environment. Environmental Degradation is one of the major problems all over the world and cannot be stopped by even borders across countries. Still after realizing all this, we don’t stop.

“After all, Sustainability means running the global environment –Earth Inc-Like a corporation with depreciation, amortization and maintenance accounts. In other words keeping the asset whole, rather than undermining your national capital” Wildlife conservation does not just stand for the animals and birds but also includes all the aspects related to it like the habitat, the tribal people, Water and also the Climate. All these aspects work hand in hand for the well being of the particular area. Conservation is the state of harmony between human and land. It is like a harmony with a friend. You cannot cherish the right hand and chop of the left hand. It is been ages that the wildlife activists have been striving hard to bring the change in the mentality as well as to spread the awareness but nothing has yet resulted up to that extent .

To understand the wildlife you really need to live with it and not only that you should learn to respect it and value it. I agree the destruction has goon too far but we still have something that we can definitely multiply. The story that you hear about a lioness adopting a baby monkey is what I have seen and the compassion that the animals have is what humans can never match. We have this priceless treasure that is in the darkest of the side of our ignorance. We being the youth, have the greatest legitimacy to work for a better tomorrow. There are small groups which are active and these small groups of committed citizens can change the world and indeed they have created the awareness and we have the job to spread it. Do we really need those heavy handed laws and regulations to protect what is ours? Connect with nature and you will have your answer.


– Aniket Sole

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