Does your mind ever glance upon children wearing clothes filthy and torn!?
Struggling on this very earth where they were born!!
Do you ever ponder upon those who walk bare foot on the city street!?
Feeling no pain in their soft feet!!
Imagining the taste of Pastries and Ice Creams,
Are they happy with  their broken  dreams!??

Or have you thought about those who were here even before the frozen food, nylon, radar, fluorescent lights, credit  cards and  television ;
But are now, not only victims of physical, economical or psychological abuse, but also negligence and isolation!!
How about making a Septuagenarian, facing life’s brutality and rings of depression feel that they are ‘Second to None’!!
Finding a need and filling it ; for those who are born free but are tied to chains due to some reason!!

Mere good intentions wont help, Action is the key;
If you find happiness in doing good for others ;
Why not  join the Charity Spree!!!
For becoming a Rainbow in someone else’s cloud;
Is the best way to make yourself proud!!

– Zubiya Pathan

Pic Courtesy – Google Images


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