On my way – Shantanu Shembade

On my way… I think got too far but  when I know I m on a wrong way…. I need one stay if one can show me the right way…. I need those lights which can light my life, I need those flies which can sting my lies.. Whether I would get it on my... Continue Reading →

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Counting Beyond Infinity- Ninad Kumbhojkar

What is the largest number known to man? Some geeks will say Googol. Some will say Googol Plex. Googol is 10100. GoogolPlex is 10googol . But these numbers are minute compared to what we call as Infinity. Scientists have given some theories about what infinity can be and how to count past it. What are... Continue Reading →

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Taboo- Juwayriah Dalvi

Living in our society is like playing this party game 24 into 7! Taboo!! It’s like, you’re living in a constant fear that you might just say or do something and someone would scream, “TABOO” right away! We are all scared, aren’t we? We’re all scared to have a political opinion. We are scared to... Continue Reading →

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The Beautiful Game- Harmit Desai

"They ask us why we play, we ask them why they breathe." Love is a touch of solitude that can wipe tears from the weariest of eyes. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once said – “Sports can reach parts politicians can’t reach. It can help in bringing divided conflicts together in a way nothing... Continue Reading →

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The Agony of a Dying Tree – Gaurav Deshmukh

Picks up the chainsaw does he, The logger strays into the wood. To cut an artless innocent tree, His motive far from good.   As he approaches, the trees begin to weep, Bidding adieu to their dearest mates. Their roots cringe in the deep, As they close in on Death’s gates.   The trees plead,... Continue Reading →

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An Ode to my Guiding Light – Sairam Jaishankar

Stumbling upon forsaken stumps, I forayed deeper into the woods, Knew not where I was headed; dusk settled on the canopy like a hood. With strained eyes I peered, at a daunting abyss prowling the subliminal, A delusional reprieve seemed a welcome truce from where I stood.   Hush, hark! A koel serenades an enthralled... Continue Reading →

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IN A SPACE OF MY OWN – Ninad Mhatre

Vortical Thoughts feels that we should not hush The Curious Kid inside us - if he/she wants to come out then why stop it? Our author, Ninad, speaks on the same topic, Is Killing Our Dreams The Right Way?

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Climate Change – Aditya Pandit

Vortical Thoughts and Vortex believes that Global Warming as well as Climate Change are two huge aftermaths of human neglect towards Nature - it is our responsibilty to act NOW and make this World a Better place to Live in!!

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Picture-ception – Nisarg Mankad

Infinite Life- Inception (Picture-ception. Or better, I call it Nisu-ception. :P) Looping- a phenomenon which redefines infinity. There are people who represent an unsatisfactory soul, who don’t see a bright path ahead, who think their life is already miserable. There are people, larger than life, who can imagine things far beyond the universe because of... Continue Reading →

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Life unplugged – Samiksha Jog

Vortical Thoughts believes that its on us ho we use our Technology, we use it for our needs or make it one of our needs! This article tells about the current scenario of technology usage...

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Does this name sound familiar?  As She proudly says "I belong to the oldest transgender community in the world knows as the HIJRAS or KINNARS" HIJRA does not have an equivalent meaning in English because the essence of this word cannot be translated. This revolutionary woman brought about essential changes needed for a better India. Making... Continue Reading →

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